Resources related to improving things from software to the office layout to help people be more productive at work.

Bill Gates: How I Work

Is Bill Gates productive? I’ve no idea. If he is, then he may have some tips for us in his piece ‘How I Work’.

Last reviewed 17 September 2007


BNET is billed as providing “Management, Strategy, Work Life Skills & Advice for Professionals”. It’s not deep analysis, but it has useful news and management checklists. From the stable that publishes ZDNet and C|net.

Last reviewed 16 September 2007

Should you buy your team several monitors? Bigger monitors?

The general consensus seems to be that bigger monitors, or having two or more monitors, can make office workers more productive:

If you have more than one monitor and want to use them well, see

Last reviewed 18 September 2007

The effect of office position, layout and use on health and performance

This academic article by Einar M De Croon, Judith K Sluiter, P Paul F M Kuijer and Monique H W Frings-Dresen reviews the academic literature looking at the effect on productivity of telework v. working in the office, open plan v. personal offices and fixed v. shared workspaces.

Last reviewed 16 September 2007

Total cost of ownership (TCO) worksheet

Online total cost of ownership worksheet by Professional Services Inc at

Brief article that summarizes research by Gartner about the total cost of ownership of office PCs. They say that the hardware and software are only 16% of the total costs.

Last reviewed 15 September 2007